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Put your money where your values are.

If you want to minimize risk and maximize returns while at the same time investing in a way that reflects your values, Adaptive ETF’s fossil fuel free and ESG strategies are excellent options. You get the peace of mind that your money is invested in sectors and companies that are making a positive difference for people and the planet, without exposing you to the volatility that can come from off-the-shelf socially responsible ETF products.

Adaptive ETF Global Fossil Fuel Free Equity Strategy


ETF securities across global developed markets, including large and mid-capitalization companies.


Companies that own fossil fuel reserves, defined as proven and probable coal, oil or natural gas used for energy purposes.


Companies that are primarily engaged in alternative energy, including power derived principally from bio-fuels, wind, solar, hydro and geothermal sources and the various technologies that support the production, use and storage of these power sources.

Adaptive ETF Global Balanced ESG Strategy


ETF securities across global developed markets, including 1- to 5-year Canadian bonds and large and mid-capitalization companies.


Companies in such industries as adult entertainment, alcohol and tobacco, weapons, gambling, and nuclear power and those that do not meet certain standards of U.N. global compact principles and certain employment diversity criteria.


Companies that have positive relative ranking scores across environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria.


Adaptive’s strategic advantage

When you create a socially responsible investment portfolio with an Adaptive ETF strategist, you get all the benefits of our Adaptive ETF strategy.

It’s the opposite of a simple, standardized buy-and-hold approach. Your Adaptive strategist will make regular adjustments to your portfolio based on whether the core and satellite ETFs you’re holding are the right ones, given current global macro and microeconomic conditions and your socially responsible investment criteria.

By combining our proven strategy with your values-based choices, we’re looking after both your money and the planet.

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