The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

Albert Einstein

The Adaptive Global ETF Strategy was born from this ideology; using data insights and professional expertise to navigate complex global markets while anticipating and embracing change.  Our growth-driven solution provides investors with a proven, replicable path to exceed their investment goals.

An investment strategy that's replicable, reliable and proven to adapt to today's changing world.

Put our ETF strategy to work for you

Bellwether’s proprietary, mathematically derived methodology for selecting and actively managing exchange-traded funds, which we call our Adaptive Global ETF Strategy®, gives institutional and individual investors the confidence to include ETFs in their portfolios without reservation.

Go global for growth

The global economy is changing, with power shifting from the West to the East. Simply buying and holding the usual mix of Canadian and U.S. blue chips will likely result in lost opportunity. But so will investing globally without a sound strategy for risk management. We help investment committees and individual investors experience the upside of a global approach.

The ETF advantage

ETFs started in the early 90s as an inexpensive and simple way for investors to get exposure to different indexes. Managed intelligently, ETFs are a cost effective way to take advantage of market opportunities and protect against market risk, particularly if your goal is growth.


Are ETFs right for you?

Learn the four key criteria that the best financial planners and fund managers use to determine the right investment approach for their clients, then take our quiz to find out if ETFs are for you.

Canada’s #1 ETF strategist

What drives our commitment to being the #1 ETF strategist in Canada?

Learn about our team, the values we're build on and the principles of our strategy.

Should institutions use ETFs in their portfolio?

Free investment portfolio review

Whether you're an institutional or individual investor, we’ll review your investment performance in the context of your financial goals, then make recommendations. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about ETFs in general and our Adaptive Global ETF Strategy® in particular.


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