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  • Specialize in systematic, tactical portfolio strategies
  • Quantitatively-driven investment process
  • Global portfolio exposure via liquid ETFs
  • Experienced team of Portfolio Managers/ETF Strategists

Go global for growth

Capturing the best returns requires global diversification.

The global economy is changing, with power shifting from the West to the East. Simply buying and holding the usual mix of Canadian and U.S. blue chips will likely result in lost opportunity. But so will investing globally without a sound strategy for risk management.

Strategy Framework

  • Efficiency of markets have made it difficult to add value via individual stock selection
  • Best approach is to focus on active asset allocation via tactical allocations within a strategic framework
  • Strategy adapts to market conditions:
    • Market risk low → Overweight Equities, Cyclicals / Underweight Fixed Income
    • Market risk high → Underweight Equities / Overweight Defensives, Fixed Income
  • Focus on relative allocations to various equity and fixed income securities by region/country, sector, sub-sector – go to the areas of the market that are working and expected to outperform

The Need
for Global

Capturing the best returns requires Global diversification:

Global Diversification - Flag Graphic


A 3-stage process to build robust portfolios

Risk/Return Profile

Equity Only Model

  • Simulated historic performance of the strategy shows strong upside capture, combined with even stronger downside protection.

  • Satellite portfolio adapts faster to changing market conditions and allows for better downside protection.

Core Model

  • Core model determines optimal allocations to Equities, Fixed Income and Commodities.

  • Focus on generating stable returns in all market environments.

Meet our

Our team of Adaptive ETF Strategists is composed of portfolio managers who bring diverse expertise and a strategic mindset. They are specialists in their own areas, but work together to provide a comprehensive and truly tailored solution to both individual and institutional investors.

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